03 March 2006

Filler Spoilers!

You know, Indian team is not bad. You know, Kaif played awesomely. Really Awesome dude! You know, Kumble was even more awesome. You know finally the south Indians are displaying that killer instinct like Punjabis!”(Score: You Know=3, Awesome = 3)
Score after 5 minutes, You Know = 20, Awesome=13! You sure have come across someone, who has this uncanny ability of spoiling the conversation with their excessive usage of supposedly cool quirky fillers! Most of the times, we are the culprits!

The strange thing about these fillers is that, you realize they are seasonal. They are also highly addictive. They embed in your conversation without your knowledge. And before you realize, they have crept into your daily lexicon and taken up the position of every third word in your unfinished sentences that you utter non-stop to the apparently-intent-listener who is actually thinking ,“Will you shut the F*** Up?”.

Ofcourse it can be argued that it is just your lack of ability to speak proper English and that while you grope in mid-air for appropriate connectors to sentences, you spill these fillers which kinda-sorta fits in that place and makes sense to the listener. But the spoiler part is, when you use them in millisecond gaps that forces the listener to re-sort your words in that short span to understand what you are trying to say, as by now, they know, if they don’t do it, they will be buried under the pile of You know, Awesome stuff!

Perhaps the reason is not their lack of conjunctions, but the speed in which they think, that forces them to jump to 3rd sentence in their head while they are coughing up the first one. The culprit for incessant filler-words could be the time delay between Brain-Mouth-co-ordination. Either they have to trust their temporary memory to hold the 2nd, 3rd, 4th sentence until their windpipe can breathe some air or end up choking to death on trying to spit too many words! Jeez! Fillers save lives! Now, that is Suweeeet!

Maybe I should change the title to “Filler Saviors”!

Being a loyal Capital One customer, I have to ask you, “What’s your Filler?”!