20 November 2006

GURU-Music Review

5.30am. Bangalore. India.
Eyes wide open. Sitting in the edge of my bed after committing a merciless murder. The death of an innocent cockroach which was trying to climb into my PJ’s looking for a warm space which it definitely would have found had it not been for my quick thinking on the feet (pun intended ofcourse) that wanted to test the strength of this tiny insect which is supposed to have survived the stomping of Dinosaurs. Not True. It died instantly.

The Audio CD of GURU that I had purchased yesterday from Landmark was staring at me, taunting me with the question,”Are you a true Rahmaniac not listening to me even after six hours of purchasing me? “. I was seriously having a conversation with the CD explaining the fact that ever since I arrived in India, am still trying to find my personal space and it was because of that I had ignored it for few hours and it should not judge me for the genuine lapse. I was glad it finally understood. I don’t want to be counted as a traitor (such feelings are common when someone wakes up so early when he has never done that before in years).

The disappointing trailer of GURU made me depressed wondering, ”Another Mani failure in Hindi ?”. But I know I will never change camps based on box office but only based on heart-office(Nenja Nakkitta pa- You almost licked my chest with that sentiment-translation for the tamil-handicapped). I popped the CD in my laptop after making a quick decision not to tinker with iTunes to load in my iPOD (where else can I boast I bought a new 60GB-iPOD-Woohooo-it ROCKS).

Awaiting with bated breath for the GURU experience. Mani-Rahman-Gulzar combo after Dil Se. Let the Journey begin!

First Song. Hmmm…Nanna Re..Nanna Re..fast beat..hummable so quickly..surprising. Rahman songs usually take about 4 or 5 listening to actually get into your system. Shreya Ghosal singing with joy. I can sense the attitude.Nice…lots of drums…Rahman SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)…beautiful percussion..predictable..which makes it sweet…since I have been missing the familiar Rahman signatures…wow..the song…is changing tracks going up and down..like Saawariya from Swades song…okay..the Nanna Re..Nanna Re..is getting to me…Clear crisp Na..Re..repeatable rhyme. Song over.Feeling good.

Second Song. I read in the CD insert that this song called “Tera Bina” is dedicated to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan by Rahman, remembering our maestro’s association with the maestro from other side of the border. I still remember that album and especially that line “Rishthe banthe hain badi mushkil se..lekin tootene keliye bas ek hi lamha”(Relationships happen with so much difficulty but it only takes a moment to break it..awesome line).So, the expectations are high. Let me see.

Mind-blowing start. “Dum Dare Dum Dare..Mast Mast..dara..Dum Dare Dum Dare ..ohh hum dum”. WOW! I am able to hum it in the first line itself. A familiar tune but sooo lovable and gets into your system instantly sounding fresh. I love the chorus of Dum Dare. The interlude is starting with Sa Re Ga ma..typical..quintessential Rahman.I am swaying..slowly..unconsciously…moving from left to right..and moving back and forth..moving my hands..animatedly…ohh the dum dare..again..niceee…a sitar interlude..the background..aaaah..chorus..and a different sound of a rajasthani lady like voice..lending rawness..Rahman has sung this…only he can sing like this….the song is changing track without losing the flow..engulfing you in all-encompassing-beats…simple..tune..beautiful rhythm..once again familiar tune..but the interludes and percussion in the middle making it a worthy tribute indeed…this Album is heating up..really good..let me go to the next one.

Okay. Starting like a dialogue.BHAM! A real heavy clean bang on the drums.I know this song has been sung by Bappi Lahiri the Disco king of 80’s. I loved Bappi Lahiri music and his clothes too for those who try to put him down by his wardrobe collection. IT IS COOL! Whoa! Joye..Joyee…sound in beginning. Another repeatable line humming. This is the third song with that same kind of lyric-style. Maybe it’s a concerted effort on the part of Gulzar-Rahman-Mani to have this on all songs. Let me move on with the song. Ohh..one more repeatable line..”Yammo..Yammo le”. Sounds like Abhishek is selling something in the movie for this song as is evident from the lyrics. Amazing interlude. Simple strings. Talking to different people in the lyric.I didn’t knew Bappi can sing so well. I am glad they didn’t make Abhishek sing for this song. Another repeatable line “Joyyein..Joyyein..”. Lots of chorus. Sounding naughty. Chitra jumping in.She is sounding so young. Bappi singing like talking but doing a great job as he breaks into tune seamlessly. “Yammo..Yammo le” is getting addictive now.Song over. Short and sweet. There seems to be a theme emerging in this album. Moving to next one.

Song is called Mayya Mayya. In the CD Insert Mallika Sherawat is shown for this song with Arabic costume (Nice Choice. Keeping up with Mani’s lucky charm of one item number song with hot actress). I think this song would probably come in the movie when Ambani went to work in Turkey in oil fields.Sung by Maryem Toller, maybe Turkish singer.Sublime heavy beat.Haunting Flute in background.Sounding familiar. The violin is reminding me of Thiruda Thiruda(Chor Chor). Ohh…no..the interlude dialogue sounding like Dil Se-Tu Hi Re..but..still lovely…I can think of Rahman bits from so many songs..but who cares..it is flowing..beautifully..i am dancing to the rhythm….omg..Rahman..songs are rarely so likeable in first listening..guess he is going all out…the trailer music coming inbetween..”arree malida..malida..”..beat picking up..in speed..with “maiyya..maiyya..”…a mini symphony going on..in the interlude with fast dialogue..and ..the colossal of instruments..all playing together in synchronous..fashion..with high pitch..ending..followed by haunting flute….WOWWWW! I think I am going to be listening to the mini-jugalbandi between instruments in the end for a long time while driving to work…Rahman has not experimented much and I LIKEEEE it but at same time..brought his signature in all songs…Next one…please…

After all the dhoom-dham..this song begins with a simple shehnai sound..(okay am not a musician..so if the the instruments are wrong..let me know)..wait a second..i have heard this…damn..it sounds almost like the “Poongodiyin punnagai..” song from Iruvar(another Maniratnam classic in tamil about two political rivals)..neway..just the starting bit..with a typical Rahman synthesizer..the one that comes in “Azhagiya cinderella” song from another Rahman tamil movie…another repeating line..”Aye..Hairathe Aashique..”…Hariharan…its got to be him..looking at the CD..Yes..it is Hariharan and Alka Yagnik…Ghazal style..niceee pause in the song…with a crisp clear tabla..kooooool….slow..swaying..with.. “Dum Dare “ repeating line from third song…coming in this song….with slight change..cute…okay..70’s style…interlude..interesting…going back to standard beat..Alka Yagnik..playing with Hariharan through the song..looks like the Hero and Heroine are playfully romancing..in the movie..the pause in the song..makes ur heart skip a beat..”Dum Dare..” humming with the Shehnai(or maybe clarinet..i think it is clarinet)…the song getting in the same tune even in third para..Alka surprising is elevating the song with nice elongation of words..Hari is doing the same..cute…beautiful melody..and Rahman singing DumDare..sounding good..now..the Dum Dare line being sung half by Rahman and Alka..and ending….good..not great..heard before..sounds like the “Naina..Naina..milaike…” from Saathiya..

Udit Narayan is singing this one called ”Baazi Laga”…sounds like music from 70’s…the ones where bunch of guys go in scooter and sing with women sitting behind…different flavor..lots of chorus..Udit sounding..happy..as usual..in this song..talking about money..the clarinet is sounding like blues..music..familiar tune..this maybe my least favourite in songs so far..but then..knowing Rahman..after 6 or 7 listening I would be hooked to the interludes..okay the song is picking up beautifully..some little boy singing “lalalalaa”…could be Udit’s son..who knows..standard tune..even though it sounds fresh..okar..the crescendo..rising now..and ending with a bang..okay..song..for now..

Last song…should be a slow one..since I sense there is a pattern here..yes..slow one..keyboard..ohh..beautiful…lyric..saying..
“We are awake for such a long time..let us..sleep for a while..
There is little darkness left..let the morning rise..
The half unfinished dream could not be completed…
Let us sleep one more time to finish that incomplete dream…”(literal translation..it sounds like metaphor for low point in life..in the story..)

Wonderful…Big Sad Chorus..Humming…engulfing you in epic proportions…Music talking all the emotions..making me sad..Mani is going to crush me with this song…tugging at my heart…the sound of Iruvar..when Prakash Raj talks..in the interlude.. ohhh…Rahman now singing the same…more slowly…making me choke in the throat…high pitch…same lines…wow..i can sense the epicness of this movie..with the those moving lines..being sung like a National Anthem…My expectations have gone through the roof..listening to this…about this movie..maybe another “Nayagan” ? I really wish…it is…I pray it is…Big chorus..of the tune..with “aah..ahhh” sound…symphony style..sad music…WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! What an END to the Album! Certainly the USP song of the movie when I come out of the theatre I think. Abhishek probably dies with Aish. Reminds me of “Thenpandi Seemaiyile” song..from Nayagan..where the entire movie flashes before he dies. I am assuming pretty much the same happens here.

Now..all I have to do..is wait for the movie to see how the other Genius (Mani ofcourse) has interpreted these songs…That’s it folks..buy the original CD..i hate to see Rahman losing his hard work in illegally downloaded songs and pirated cd’s. If you are true fan of Rahman, that’s the only way you show your loyalty. Cheers!