07 December 2010

Be the Sun!

You’re far away for a reason,
As She knows if you are near, it will be treason!

You soak her, in your rays,
But she can’t escape now, from her earth bound ways!

You are tempted, to cross the line,
But she knows her conflicted heart, cannot bear the pain!  

Your restraint, leads to silence,
Her duties flow, feeling your presence!

Your restless heart knows, the irrefutable fact,
Her melancholy smile says, it is our pact!

It’s love without ownership,
Why struggle for guardianship?

Your heart, has her place,
Be assured, of her space!

Give her, the right energy,
Watch her grow, with your synergy!

Shine on her, everyday,
Don’t impose on her, your every say!

Know your role, in this Universe,
Your joy comes, feeling her verse!

You are partial, to what makes your heart Sing,
Let her free, to watch her fly with wings!

Do your duty, as the Sun,
Sink in her beauty, as one!

This is a test, of your inner fire,
Carry her warmth, beyond your pyre!

02 December 2010


When you eliminate all the necessities and strip your self down to its bare bones, if you are left with just a word, you know that’s you! Unvarnished, raw,core essence of who you are. Sometimes, it’s more than a word,maybe two, rarely three but anything more than that is just a derivative or unnecessary! 
Words are universal and they strike a chord irrespective of the language. An “Om”(Absolute reality) could be the basic origin of all words to someone that connects them to their inner self! A “Maktub”(It is Written) could become a little boy’s guiding light in the dark to the realization of his dreams! An “Attraversiamo”(Let’s cross over together) could be your journey over to peaceful place within your self! And when things go downhill no matter how good you think you are, nothing says it better like “Shlimazl”!
Perhaps the most profound one’s are those that makes your lips curve and smile just by saying them,like,“Mellifluous”! You feel it flowing without any hurry yet elegant like a princess walking by with gait and balance and the right curves! You can’t say “Swasame”(Breath) without sinking your breath and letting it go with love. There are some fleeting emotions that arise and vanish in a second but have a way of melting in your conscious. Not many languages have a word for those moments but the people of Tierra Del Feugo, living in the southernmost tip of South America must know about vagaries of love more than any other culture. They have a word called “Mamihlapinatapei”. It means a look shared by two strangers who feel connected in an instant yet each one is hesitant to make the first move even though they know both of them want to.
The words of necessity makes us worry. Makes us petty. Makes us suffocate in ourselves. They take the beauty out of ordinary making us miss the extraordinary surrounding us. 
On the other hand,words of desire,dreams and unconditional love, liberates us. Makes us pause. Makes us generous. Makes us capable. Makes us purposeful.
The more we collect these gems, the more we are equipped to walk with our heart. Words are thoughts. Words are suggestions. Words are the fuel to our feelings. As you pick the right one, digging through all the junk inside you, buried under the layers of heaviness and feel it rising up, finding a way between the crevices of your ventricles, reaching your neck and jumping in waves from your throat,finally gushing out, being freed from your heart, you realize,you are lighter,happier with a content smile of having understood that word. When you see your listener smiling back for having received it, you know that word will now travel to spread the joy! Attraversiamo!