24 February 2006

Known Unknowns!

Why do you always feel it takes less time while returning, than while going, to the same place? Does it have anything to do with the concept of home? Returning to Safety? Or is it because your mind was working hard, mapping the path, forming new neural patterns while going and once formed, it relaxes while returning in the same path, so you feel it was quicker?

Why are you compelled to watch a movie you love when it comes on TV, even though, you have that DVD staring in your face from your rotating-DVD-rack? Is it because you feel a free meal is being missed? Is it because there is no other interesting program on other channels? Or Is it because when you were channel surfing and hit upon a particular scene in that movie, it brought back happy-memories that you want to re-live?

Why does the traffic light changes from Red to Green exactly the moment you stop in the red light, when you waited all along from the corner of the street, staring, willing, hoping, it would change to green so that you may not have to apply the brakes and come to a full stop ?

Why do you always miss that left leg sock when you are getting late to work? And why is it that no matter how many times you tell yourself in that moment that you should make sure all these leggies are in one place, you never get around to doing it, until you remind yourself again, the next time, you are in same situation?

Why do you have to search for only “those” things crazily that you kept them in a “Safe” place? Why these safe places are the hardest to find? They might have been chosen because they are hardest to find for “others” but somehow, if “others” didn’t know about it, why would they “look” for it?

Why do Men, no matter how much they are coached, no matter how many times they are told, always feel it necessary to give an objective opinion, when they are asked by their women, “Do I look good?”.

Why do you always feel the gas-station owner is cheating you when you see the numbers rolling near the dollar sign while filling gas? You can almost visualize the numbers rolling slower in some other gas-station except that you can’t remember which one. And the same feeling creeps in when you are in Taxi, whether you are going to Airport or coming from one!

Why do Men always misread the civil, slow, interesting conversation between their Mom and Wife as final signs of bonding, when in reality it is a verbal duel between two possessive intelligent beings engaging in unintentional, intended put-downs, that they both smile and endure while thinking of next missile?

Do you really want to figure out the reasons behind these 'Known Unknowns'? Because,once you do, am sure, there will be new category called 'Unknown Unkowns' to tackle.

Even though i am borrowing from that famous Rumsfeld quote,
“There are known knowns; there are things we know, we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things, we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the ones we don't know, we don't know. ”-there might actually be some truth in it!

I guess we should just let them be because the moment you think you have conquered it, I know, you will be scrambling like a chicken with it's head cut-off in the closet, looking for that right sock!

Pic Source: http://gregmonaco.blogspot.com/

14 February 2006


Instead of sleeker iPods, SUV’s that look like trailers and Mother-Of-All-Bombs, I wish scientists concentrated more on issues that affect us profoundly.

A new drug that alters your gene to change the color of your skin! No more Racism!

A new “pound-less” pill that lets you lose weight overnight! No more Prejudice!

A new tonic that alters your behavior to cure your smoking/alcohol addiction! No more Self-screw-ups!

When I was in my Eleventh grade, I had to give a speech on “Greatest Inventions of 20th Century!”. As I was preparing for the topic, my hostel warden, passed by. Since I respect him a lot, I asked him what he thought was the greatest invention of Mankind in 20th century.

And he replied, “Invention? I don’t think anything has been invented completely by Man!”.
I was taken aback and asked him “How can you say that when we have cars, airplanes even the fan that is revolving on top of us.”
“Well, what is the fan made of?”
“Hmm…Iron...maybe steel.”
“Where did u get that iron from?”
“So, you have harnessed something from nature, changed its shape to use another part of nature (air) to make it work. Maybe you can say mankind does invent things partly. To me, it’s all discoveries of nature!”
I remember that conversation to this day. And every time we get cocky about our new and greatest “invention”, nature slaps us on the cheek with a Tsunami or an earthquake.

I think, we, human race, have drifted from worshipping and understanding nature(stone age till time before 16th century) to harnessing nature(Industrial Revolution) to the current stage of “Manipulating Nature”(Cloning, messing with genes etc.). We study History mainly because we may not commit the same mistakes again (even though it keeps repeating itself) and understand our roots better. And one thing that is clear today is that in spite of the technological advancements, people seem lost. Clueless. Unhappy. Less connected in an “always-wired-mobile-everything-everywhere” world. I think we have safely reached a stage where enough energy has been spent on inventions that satisfy our external needs without filling the void that is inside.

We need technology that eliminates hatred. We need technology that doesn’t discriminate someone based on their religion, race or sexual preference. We need technology that makes it a level-playing field for rich, poor and the ones in between. We need technology that protects, enhances, and serves Mother Nature. Not provide new tools to cut forests, new tools to dig oil from oceans, new tools to destroy habitats quickly. We need technology that connects, not the minds, but the hearts!

It is time, technology (Science) works for the development of our spirituality and not for materialist pleasures that leaves us empty in the long run!

07 February 2006

I(a)m-Perfect Lover!

I haven’t been tagged since the time I got out of school, where my glasses were color-coded with wordings “I am” on left and “Blind” on right. I have decided to ward off my “MSM” memories and start my list on Shpriya’s request for 8 qualities you would like in your perfect lover(for those of you still wondering what “MSM” is, its “Mommy Save Me!” memories) .

So here it goes!

1) Someone who has enough imperfections in her that I can help her to overcome but not so much that I need an in-house therapist!

2) I should be able to pick my nose, bite my nails, dust my dandruff and scratch my balls without wondering if I would be “denied” for those reality “bites” or “scratches”!

3) Someone who laughs at my jokes- Genuinely- even if they are not funny and even if I am repeating it for the 1472nd time.

4) Someone who knows instinctively my “Happy Hour” cycle. (Alrite! Alrite! More like “Happy 10min“ cycle )

5) Someone who can come up with creative slurs to cuss, to keep me on the tip of my tongue, so I can spit back with more imaginative ones, both of us enjoying the creative cussing process, forgetting the reason why we fought in the first place!

6) Someone who knows my tangents as I deviate from one topic to another, over the course of the day and even weeks and knows exactly what I am talking about when I start most of the topics in mid sentence-“I think it’s bcoz she wanted to take care of his mom.That's why she wasn’t part of that group!”

7) Someone who would always say “I will try it at least once. If I don’t like it, then it’s a no-no!”. To “everything” I ask of her.

8) Someone who wants to find a cure for Aids but she shouldn’t be a doctor. Someone who wants to feed the hungry in Uganda but she shouldn’t be in a missionary position (oh…C’mon! I meant the Nuns).
In other words, someone who thinks about the less privileged and be extremely happy that she is channeling all that worldly service minded energy…on ME!

Honestly, there is no lover who is perfect all the time but you always have those perfect moments with her, when she fills you with that strange mixture of love, lust, passion, need, desire and generosity, transforming you to make you feel like a complete man while she soaks in the immersed feeling of complete woman…(tick…tick...tick...)...“Now go pick up the trash that’s stinking up in the kitchen” ;)