24 January 2012


                                 Fears alone,
                                           Stronger together;
                                 Tears alone,
                                           Laugher together,
                                 Thoughts alone,
                                           Silence together,
                                 Desires alone,
                                           Passions together,
                                 Constricted alone,
                                            Liberated together,
                                 Mind alone,
                                           Hearts together,
                                 Fog alone,
                                           Sunshine together,
                                 Cold alone,
                                           Warmth together,
                                 Battles alone,
                                            Peace together,
                                 Past alone,
                                            Futures together,
                                 Never alone,
                                            When we are together!

18 January 2012

Warrior's Princess!

His Kingdom lost, in her piercing eyes,

Threatening his sanity, her beguiling smiles!

She sat in her throne , concealing her simmering core,

His Armor bore, the brunt’s of her ornamental adorn!

Her clanking bangles, speak a language of trust,

Far away must he be, to understand their beauty to nest!

Her dangling earrings, filter her wavering fantasies,

His cranky heart creaks, must labor these cascading realities!

An Earthly shiny ring, revolves her lifelong existence,

His fiery Sun ray, evolves as her eternal shadow for sustenance!

01 January 2012

Toast to New Chapter!

In our short life history, every New year is a New chapter.

You are the hero/heroine of your life and you play several roles.

Every chapter involves some old characters, some new faces and sometimes new characteristics to old faces.

At the end of every chapter, you reflect on the various colors these surrounding characters bring to your life.

You never know if these characters will come with you in the next chapter, vanish forever or some old ones reappear unexpectedly.

Your journey continues knowing all you have is the present moment with them. All you control is the moment you are creating right now with them.

After all, the final chapter of our life is already predetermined.

Accepting that impermanence, releases us from the burden of "forever" and enables us to be with them "completely forever" in the moment!

The beginning of every new chapter is Hope.

Hope that your favourite characters remain in your life.

Hope that you march into your unknown story with love,patience and deeper understanding!

Hope that you evolve into a fuller, blossoming bundle of awareness for you and others around you!

The beginning of a year is a bookmark of your life that marks your triumphs, failures, disappointments, tender moments, intimate silences and indecisive paths!

Rejoice before you march on!

Remember before you move on!

Revive before you breathe fully!

Here's a toast to your next chapter!

Drink life, feel the spirit and indulge!