07 February 2006

I(a)m-Perfect Lover!

I haven’t been tagged since the time I got out of school, where my glasses were color-coded with wordings “I am” on left and “Blind” on right. I have decided to ward off my “MSM” memories and start my list on Shpriya’s request for 8 qualities you would like in your perfect lover(for those of you still wondering what “MSM” is, its “Mommy Save Me!” memories) .

So here it goes!

1) Someone who has enough imperfections in her that I can help her to overcome but not so much that I need an in-house therapist!

2) I should be able to pick my nose, bite my nails, dust my dandruff and scratch my balls without wondering if I would be “denied” for those reality “bites” or “scratches”!

3) Someone who laughs at my jokes- Genuinely- even if they are not funny and even if I am repeating it for the 1472nd time.

4) Someone who knows instinctively my “Happy Hour” cycle. (Alrite! Alrite! More like “Happy 10min“ cycle )

5) Someone who can come up with creative slurs to cuss, to keep me on the tip of my tongue, so I can spit back with more imaginative ones, both of us enjoying the creative cussing process, forgetting the reason why we fought in the first place!

6) Someone who knows my tangents as I deviate from one topic to another, over the course of the day and even weeks and knows exactly what I am talking about when I start most of the topics in mid sentence-“I think it’s bcoz she wanted to take care of his mom.That's why she wasn’t part of that group!”

7) Someone who would always say “I will try it at least once. If I don’t like it, then it’s a no-no!”. To “everything” I ask of her.

8) Someone who wants to find a cure for Aids but she shouldn’t be a doctor. Someone who wants to feed the hungry in Uganda but she shouldn’t be in a missionary position (oh…C’mon! I meant the Nuns).
In other words, someone who thinks about the less privileged and be extremely happy that she is channeling all that worldly service minded energy…on ME!

Honestly, there is no lover who is perfect all the time but you always have those perfect moments with her, when she fills you with that strange mixture of love, lust, passion, need, desire and generosity, transforming you to make you feel like a complete man while she soaks in the immersed feeling of complete woman…(tick…tick...tick...)...“Now go pick up the trash that’s stinking up in the kitchen” ;)


bharath said...

rama, thats some list there. reads nicely.

Now go pick up the trash that’s stinking up in the kitchen”

at least you have kept the ending realistic :P :P

Bringabrahma said...

The eighth one...yeah that is a catch...:))

hope all u taggers get tagged my some femme with half of these qualities and may you live happily ever aftah...

Fizo said...

reality with a touch of a fantasy..or is the other way around?

whatever...liked reading the list..but liked the last para the most...rang so true..trash and all :-)

Parvati said...

If your wife sees this dream-list she will just pull you by the ears and say "ninaippudhaan ungal pozhaipai keduthudhu"nu...

Yedho listai virtualaa blogle vechchundele!
Smart strategy...

Anonymous said...

(((hug & smooch)))


"Ungal"? Too formal for this woman!?!

#6 says "Rang de Basanti"


Shpriya said...

Nice list. I cn very well understand no.6 coz it suits my better half too, u know who :))) So be ready for other tags too :)))

Parvati said...

Ok then- "un un un un", - un it is; off with the "ungals" for THIS woman!!!

Thought that I will keep to the Sathi-Savithri etiquette :D...Put me in a museum. 2006 chaseth me away back to the past...

Sumita said...

Hey Rama

Nice list!!

It kinda works to have the reverse list ready too ( even if you dont share it with ordinary folks like us and just that one special one)

The scarier list is always " What do I have to offer?"

Happy valentine's day!!

Pincushion said...

so long as its just trash..and not 'thrashing'..u could very well thank your stars!
..now go ahead and dare to ask the list of purrrrrrfect lovers to the better halves ;)

..but hey u have done it with panache!!

MotoRama said...

Hey Bharath,
Yeah...u dont want to sound too mushy..lest they send u free tickets to Brokeback Mountain for it :)Thanks for coming here for first time!

Hey Toady,
Another first timer!There is no happily ever aftah..Toady..but i got my lady who makes me happy most of the time!Thanks for dropping by.

Hey Fizz,
I think the first one helps u keep ur feet on ground.Nothing speaks like experience :) Saw Kalyug..u were right about it.Thanks for the reco!

Hey Parvati,
I am surprised you didn't say anything about the picture(since u love Rama..Krishna..the Godly ones ofcourse)!Thanks for dropping by!

Hugs and smooches are always cherished from u,my not-so-anonymous lover!

So..i guess No.6 is in the genes of some clan :> Thanks for tagging!

Hey Sumita,
I am trying to think whether the reverse would be "8 qualities you hate" or "8 qualities about u from the lover"!Either way, i think its a wonderful idea. Ofcourse, i would share it(if there was anything good abt me in it ;) ).Still waiting for your movie-society-philosophy blogs!

Hey Cushion,
How did u figure that one ? I do have to hide myself when i dont throw the trash in time ;) Thanks :)

anushka said...

that was a beautiful picture to start with!!
2 is a very difficult expectation,gosh she must be really g8 for that:))....3 is possible but may be its way u say it and not the joke tht wud make her laugh..i like 6 and 8 but 6 is very rare u know !!
good job!!

Inner-Reflections said...

"make you feel like a complete man while she soaks in the immersed feeling of complete woman…
I guess you have summed up everyone's Dream relationship in those words...Thanks
[hope it's okay to post a comment]

Heartcrossings said...

Rama - totally love your list of eight ! Very entertaining :)

MotoRama said...

Hey Anushka(beautiful name btw),
No. My real-life-lover is a neat-freak.I am scared to fall on the hardwood floor as she wud immediately pick me up and throw me in the trash bin.Although i do wish it wudn't be the case in my "perfect"lover!Thanks for dropping by for the first time.

Hey Uma,
Glad u have decided to give ur blog-link finally!Wonder why you need to ask about commenting. Comment away as much as u want.I think thats the only way to start a discussion on a topic.

Thanks for dropping by Heartcrossings. I think u dont post all your blogs in DSS since i see many new ones in ur blog.

pSycho-baBbler said...

Totally sounds like me. Not in a good way either. Quite scary actually... :/

You don't REALLY want to be looking for someone like that. Trust me! *Runs away and hides*

- Just a random visitor of random blogs!

P.S. Love the post

MotoRama said...

Hey Psycho,
That's cute! You REALLY don't wanna endure this torture ;) Trust me!Thanks for dropping by!