07 December 2010

Be the Sun!

You’re far away for a reason,
As She knows if you are near, it will be treason!

You soak her, in your rays,
But she can’t escape now, from her earth bound ways!

You are tempted, to cross the line,
But she knows her conflicted heart, cannot bear the pain!  

Your restraint, leads to silence,
Her duties flow, feeling your presence!

Your restless heart knows, the irrefutable fact,
Her melancholy smile says, it is our pact!

It’s love without ownership,
Why struggle for guardianship?

Your heart, has her place,
Be assured, of her space!

Give her, the right energy,
Watch her grow, with your synergy!

Shine on her, everyday,
Don’t impose on her, your every say!

Know your role, in this Universe,
Your joy comes, feeling her verse!

You are partial, to what makes your heart Sing,
Let her free, to watch her fly with wings!

Do your duty, as the Sun,
Sink in her beauty, as one!

This is a test, of your inner fire,
Carry her warmth, beyond your pyre!


Known Stranger said...

Nicely written - i can relate a lot.

Sowmya said...

To love without wanting to possess is almost impossible. Isnt it?

A nice poem, and your choice of 'sun & earth' for analogy was good.
But some lines make it somewhat obscure, as if you were digressing from the subject or mixing things - like the mention about 'conflicted heart' & 'melancholy smile' which probably refer to a specific context and do not fit into the generalization that the rest of the poem is.

MotoRama said...

Good point..now..let's hope..someone notices it! Thanks for calling it out ;)