07 March 2011


A Pause, to examine that broken part,
        A Toss, that flips between Mind and Heart!

  A Voice, that rises up from deep within,
   A Choice, that defines your inner feeling!

  A Noise, that still exists in the outer layer,
          A Poise, which you yearn in your daily prayer!

A Loss, which you fear will end in pain,
         A Cause, which you know will forever remain!




   Let it be..!


Ranjana said...

halfway there w.r.t. falling in love with your blog:

"A noise that exists in the outer layer...A poise which you yearn in your daily prayers"- those are beautiful lines....

MotoRama said...

Thanks Ranjana. I don't know where u found my blog..maybe from the ornithology/tree piece near Madras! Send me your link. Would like to check out your pieces.