18 January 2012

Warrior's Princess!

His Kingdom lost, in her piercing eyes,

Threatening his sanity, her beguiling smiles!

She sat in her throne , concealing her simmering core,

His Armor bore, the brunt’s of her ornamental adorn!

Her clanking bangles, speak a language of trust,

Far away must he be, to understand their beauty to nest!

Her dangling earrings, filter her wavering fantasies,

His cranky heart creaks, must labor these cascading realities!

An Earthly shiny ring, revolves her lifelong existence,

His fiery Sun ray, evolves as her eternal shadow for sustenance!


Sowmya said...

Please dedicate your lines to other lovers...

Akbar had some 5000 women in his life; no woman entered his nuptial chamber more than once. Jodha, being his 'favourite wife', entered it twice...

Akbar must be laughing in his grave and Jodha weeping, at this concotion of their 'love story'!

RamaDrama said...

hahaha :) History has a funny way of showing up...imagine Bush being the cause for Arab spring..!

Sowmya said...

didnt get it

RamaDrama said...

Jodha Akbar becomes the history for the latest generation instead of true history..and there are articles running around calling George Bush the cause for Arab revolt by people..that's what i mean by history is so subjective..and always in hindsight..what the real truth is only known to people living at that time..hope i didn't confuse you further..