01 March 2012

Intertwined Interludes!

T'was a hollow wooden heart, strolling alone in Jungle,
Until picked up by a Princess, who poked perforated holes in it;

Arose a mellifluous melody, in his beat and her breath,
Forging an eternal song, swallowing time and distance;

New Rhythms everyday, dictated by her whims and skeptical brows,
Punctuated interludes, raised by her heaves and muted smiles;

As she retreated, to her dutiful Kingdom,
His punctured heart, lost it's freedom;

A World created in their symbiotic exchange,
Now holding their destined gift in silent estrange;

An unacknowledged truth masked in indifference,
Rising his doubt of their spiritual effervescence;

His universal balance exists in a song,
Held in her breath to whisper along!

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