17 January 2006

Poetic(?) Discards!

While in “Down Under”,
If you fall down under,
Would you call that,
“Down down Under under?”

In your sleep,
In that dream,
If you’re sleeping,
Do you dream a dream?

When every Buyer,
Has got a seller,
What do they mean by,
Seller Market doing good,
Buyer Market not so good ?

When you are a 7 wanting to be 10,
In skill, looks, personality and life,
You got to remember,
You can only cook what’s in the pan!

If all Men cheat,
And ignoring the small percentage of gays,
Doesn’t that mean,
Most women cheat?

When Jesus loves all men,
When Mohammad preaches love for all mankind,
When Buddha worked for the peace of human kind,
What’s your problem with “Brokeback Mountain-Jerusalem Edition”?


Parvati said...

1.No - it would be 'Down under Down Under'
2.No- I dream of dreaming in my dream-sleep
3.When 1000 people want to buy, but only a 100 want to sell, the sellers have the upper hand, and can increase prices as they will, and make a tidy sum. All the 1000 do not necessarily get a 1000 sellers. Demand exceeds supply and hence you say that the Seller Market is doing good; when the opposite occurs it the other buyer market doing good.

Hang me - I am killing all humour from life and your discards. SORRY. :(

4. True
5. Men cheat - automatically means they have a dedicated sorta permanent partners whom they are cheating on; it doesn't necessarily mean that the second women they are with are also involved in dedicated other-relationships with long-term spouses or live-in partners. They might be single women, fancy free and foot loose; which of course means that if all men cheat, it need not necessarily mean that most women too cheat.

(God! I am boring myself to death here...)

6.Man / Mankind/Human etc etc are all general nouns which include woman / womankind / huwoman too. Nothing to do with sexual orientation of the legends mentioned ;)

Sriharsh Mallela said...

Err maybe the down under part is just coz English language has evolved enough...and have more of a biological neccessity to cheat,to spread their seed....err hang on, i am hear the feminists banging on my door :)))

Sriharsh Mallela said...

err i missed the words.. 'not' as in not evolved enough.. and the word 'Men ' as in Men have more of a biological....

Chay said...

lollz rama...glad to see u are well!! :-))

Shpriya said...

Typically Ram's ! :) Good to c u in ur original form :))

Misreflection said...

I love these lines"You got to remember,
You can only cook what’s in the pan!

:-) where does it leave all us dreamers.sigh!

MotoRama said...

I am glad i found the perfect person to proof-read..if i ever finish my novel. Thanks for all the effort on the discards.

Spread or spray..either way..we can always blame it on genes!

Hey Chay,
Are you back from india ? Good to see u here.

Hi Shpriya,
:) Thanks for dropping by.

Hey Misreflection,
I think..we should be comfortable and happy at 7 than lose our happiness wanting to be 10.Thanks for dropping by.

Bernardo said...

I love this... Ah, I'm home again on blogs that make me feel good, enlightened, challenged and entertained. You are a treasure, sir.

Pincushion said...

You know..i don't care what it boils down to..all i really care..is that this made me smile! This is so so you :))

MotoRama said...

Oh..thanks B!Am glad you are back to blogging!Lemme go visit yours!

Thanks Cushion :)The whole point is the smiles!

Andy said...

Really enjoyed this! First visit to your site and it raised quite a few smiles! x