06 December 2005


“Hope begins in the dark; the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come”
Anne Lamott

In the end, Americans have spoken. In the end, a divided nation displays its main character. In the end, passion loses against reason. In the end, common sense becomes too uncommon to find. In the end, it’s not about the candidates but what people are willing to sacrifice for a cause. For Ideology. For Religion. For beliefs. In the end, George Herbert Walker Bush, wins against all odds!

Congratulations Mr. Bush! Congratulations Karl Rove! You won! Your pulse of the nation was better than that of Democrats. Your calculations that prejudice, morality, fear and beliefs will make voters forget their own job scenario, healthcare costs, reasons for war and loss of innocents in Iraq have worked magic in your favour. Who knew that people hate gays more than the fact that they lost their jobs? Who knew that there are so many people who still believe that war in Iraq is right even though the reasons for it have proved false? Who knew that America is essentially a conservative country and not as broadminded as everyone in the world expected it to be?

As the results were coming in last night, it was pathetic to see how scarcely the Democratic Party is spread in the US map. It almost seemed like a monopoly even though the voting percentage difference is only 2%. I was shocked how a simple logic as “You keep what you win, I keep what I win” logic was overthrown in Colorado. I don’t understand how people can accept the fact that their vote means nothing in a blue state or red state when they grant all the electoral votes to one party, simply because they have the majority.

I feel like a fish out of water. Maybe I don’t understand this country’s culture. I will blame it on my limited six years existence here. Guess I haven’t understood their way of thinking. But again, as one of my colleague said, she doesn’t understand it either and she has lived here in Georgia all her life! Can I still have the courage to hope? Still have the courage to be optimistic? Definitely not today. Maybe in a week or month I will be.

Maybe Dubya will change his tactics in Iraq. Make a decision not to drive public policy through his personal religious beliefs. Change his opinion on Abortion. Not overturn Roe Vs Wade. Build better world image. Do something about economy than give 600$ and take my job away. Not wage another war in another country and burn a house down to swat a mosquito. Maybe not scare the country more. Maybe be more humble and accept that he might have made some MISTAKES! I know ! When you are deluded, you conjure up lot of maybe’s to see the world the way you want it to be!

The only definite thing that makes me extremely delighted is the fact that 50% of population made the right choice! This morning ,while coming to work, i saw a car with Kerry-Edwards sticker in its door,pull in my next lane.She saw me,i saw her.I smiled.She smiled.She knew i was looking at the sticker.Seconds before the light turned green, i gave her a thumbs up and her face immediately lit up and she returned the gesture, as we both drove into highway feeling good,knowing that you are not alone in your disappointment,anger,frustration and finally hope!

As the great saying goes,
“You can fool all the people some time, and some people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

Written on:Wednesday, 03 November 2004

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