08 December 2005

Daily Pockets!

Are you the kind of person who shakes your head animatedly as if in a seizure while driving? Well, I do when Rahman’s ‘Fanaa ‘ song plays in my car CD! Immersing in my favorite song oblivious to the outside world while I am in autopilot mode in the highway is almost spiritual. It’s a daily pocket of time that is just between my car, my song and me! I am not a husband, not a father, not a professional, during that time. Just me! A closed time warp filled with melodies and beats.

It’s impossible not to get carried away while the beats of 'Fanaa' fills inside the tinted glass windows!

’Hone ne do… Dard kho…Dabaa…’!

My fingers tap around as if I am Sivamani’s protégé beating those unseen drums around my steering wheel!

‘Aaona Aaona…Hona hai Fanaa’!

Lost in the amazing percussion of Rahman, I increase the volume as I step on the gas and a gleeful smile spills over as my speedometer rises to 85.

’Aaona Aaona…Hona Hai Fanaaa!’.

My mind whizzes through the dance floor as the song enters the string portion rising my adrenalin.! My whole body swings back and forth as the guy in Ford Explorer in adjacent lane thinks I am licking the steering wheel! My left foot taps unconsciously as my hips move sideways!

‘NiNisasa NiNisasa gagasa’!

My voice tries to keep up with the rhythm in the alaap

’Papaninipa Papaninipa ninipapama ninipapama Saaaa’,

as I scream at my highest voice, comfortable in the fact that if someone thought a cat was being strangled, I will be long gone from that spot before they recover. As the song winds down with the beat vanishing into my rear speakers, I feel an elated exhaustion as my CD player moves to next song. It stuck me that everyone has his or her own kind of Daily pockets. A pocket of time spent just by them, for them, replenishing, recharging and unwinding!

I realized what I thought as quirks with my other half were actually her time capsules! Her scholarly pursuits in bathroom (she loves reading in bathroom), has made me add a bookshelf (Vital), TV (Essential) and Internet (Desirable) to the bathroom in our dream home which would be bought the day after winning the lottery! Her other pockets include watching Jacques Torres at food network (what’s with Women and chocolates), re10-reading Pride and Prejudice and other Jane Austen uptight English women stories! I, on the other hand, apart from my wanna-be-symphony-conductor in car, I love my early morning ‘not asleep not awake’ moments where I try to re-enter my dreams after hitting the snooze button twenty times. Nothing seems impossible in those early morning controlled dreams; whether you want to be Neo, Darth Vader, Spielberg or talk with Salma Hayek (yeah right!).

These satisfying fillers in the day are more important than we think. Without them we would be out-of-breath, cluttered, racing towards each chore without a moment for ourselves! So take a break to unwind through your daily pockets! Enjoy your very own Fanaa song before you are consumed by your work!

Source of Cute Puppies Photo:
http://jilmil.blogspot.com/ by Pallavi Barua

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