08 December 2005

Re-defining "Home"!

8 Schools, 7 cities, 3 countries, 4 jobs! And after 28yrs, one wonders where “home” is? And an even more significant question that one ponders is what do you call as “home”?

Is it the place that is most familiar? The place where one has lived the longest? The place where one gets a sense of belonging? Or is it that place where you spent your childhood when time stood still and you didn’t expect your best friend to ever leave from the place you lived?

Maybe it’s the place, which you appreciate as a growing teen. Its probably the smell of your street as you raced from school in your first Bicycle or the smell of tar that kissed your knee when you did an “Arc” in your new Bike to impress the girl from Block E.

Perhaps nothing deserves the title of being called Home than the “most-hated-by-parents” sidewall, where you sat for hours with your friends, talking about every crush since first grade, ripped the morality of every Politician, passionately defended your sports heroes, and sometimes sharing pure meaningful silence with your buddies with a strong sense of bonding. If “home” is a place where you are accepted unquestioningly without being judged, that sidewall ranks high among all other places.

The closest thing that comes to the sidewall would be the cheerful, witty Nair’s tea-shop outside every college. Even after a decade, he remembers every “tea group” that encroached his shop and had made it their “Home” for those short yet memorable years. Would visiting Nair’s tea shop give you a sense of being home?
They say home is where the heart is! And I have my heart in all those places. To feel completely fulfilled, I would have to create a place that is a combination of all those places and people. Unfeasible. But What I can do is, make a new Home with new memories and new people.People who would accept you for what you are and not what you could be.

When you pick the phone and hear the voice of your high-school friend, you know in your heart, you are home. You realize, being home, is a feeling .It is not embedded in some physical location. It’s the people that make a place your Home.A place where you can be yourself, feel safe, confide, confess and know “you are going to be Ok bcoz you are not in it alone!”

Who says we can’t make our home wherever we are ?

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