08 December 2005

Lord of the Pandavas!

The much awaited final part of the "Lord of Pandavas" is out in theatres and what a ride it is! You were treated to the emergence of Kauravas and pandavas and how they enter into exile in first movie, the second in the trilogy showcased the period of Pandavas in Exile and how Duryodhana tries to expose them..and all the preparation for the War of Kurukshetra. In the Final chapter you have all the pieces coming together,all the sub-plots culminating in the "Greatest War" that dwarfs the "Battle of Middle Earth" in more ways than one.

Only Manirathnam could have created those massive war scenes with a landscape of various war formations ("Vyuhas") of kauravas and Pandavas. The logistics and visual treat would remain forever in the eyes of viewer.The way the camera moves each time Arjuna shoots an arrow across the battlefield(Legolas re-invented ?) and the "hulk" wrestler Bheema throwing soldiers in air is a treat to watch. One of the greatest achievement of this movie is the message of "Bhagavat Gita" which seems to be the whole purpose of the trilogy.Without boring the viewer with "vedanta" and Karmic principles, Mani handles the telling of philosophy akin to "Neo" being ported to "Matrix like" environment and explains the key principles in short stories interspersed during THE War, which is a masterful directorial maneuvre.

With LOTP, you get the combination of Matrix philosophy + Lord Of The Rings  action multiplied three times over. The design of new creatures in Rakshasas makes Olliphaunts look like puppets. In LOTR the viewers had a clear idea of Good and Bad.  In LOTP you have the amazing Duryodhana who smirks,squirms and you can feel his disappointment,anger and frustration.Just like Gollum , Duryodhana would be a character study for a long time in history of Cinema. Surprisingly the bad guys more often come as good in this movie like Karna,Bheeshma,Drona all great warriors and scholars sticking to the wrong side for right reasons. This is what makes LOTP an epic.

The "grey" shades of each character lending depth to the whole narration. You would think the movie can't top the rendering of Gita but the whole fun begins after that. You are taken into each War startegy meetings and how each army outruns the other. The Scene where Abhimanyu gets caught in the "Vyuha" and fights till the end would remind you of all the great Samurai movies.

The treacheries,Conches,Creatures,hundreds of horses,bows,arrows,sword fights..drama..makes Lord of the Pandavas,a movie for Lifetime...

"Dude....i told you not to wake me up when am in a good dream...??!!"

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