08 December 2005

Un'verse'al Person!

Poetry Appreciation! Somehow I never get it ! Not that I don’t try. I sincerely read the lines…try to appreciate the effort in the rhyming, eloquence in the flow of words or the use of metaphors. But in the end (assuming its not a long one bcoz I never reach the end in long one), somehow I am left with a sense of “ok-now-what?” or “ok-so-what-was-this-about?”. Maybe I lack that sensitivity to understand…to get down to that emotional state of the poet to perceive things through his eyes! (Just seems way too gay to me or is it just too much effort?) Perhaps an honest introspection would reveal my inability to write a poem...ergo...vis-à-vis (should stop watching Matrix Reloaded too many times) I can’t appreciate it with an open-heart since they are doing something I can’t! (What an egotist ;))

Why can’t I be magnanimous?

Well…now I have to come up with a contrived logic to overshadow my real reason (which is I can’t write poetry) with a supposed logical explanation. And that is…most poems seem farcical. First of all, normal people don’t talk like that! Prose seems the natural way to express things.
It is honest.
Hard hitting.

They say things as they are. If they want to say “she hurt me with her words” they say “she hurt me with her words” instead of
“Her lips moved to spit venom
that I would endure all my Janam”

Well…cud find only a hindi word to rhyme(no cure for Poetic Stuntedness)!
Moreover most of the poems wallow in self pity, emanate loser attitude (ok...i am gonna get killed on this one) and just seems to be sad, depressing reflection their owner’s self . Maybe poems are born out of confusion and sadness or maybe I just haven’t read enough poems to see the brighter ones. Whatever it is…I think the burning question is “why can’t they say it in simple terms? “

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