08 December 2005

Fahrenheit 911-Docufeature Review!

My first documentary feature(really?) that I watched in theatre. After brushing the fear of deportation by INS or being put on FBI watch-list if I go to watch the movie, I finally saw the movie last week. Just one word to describe it ---Brilliant. Very rarely you see a movie full of wit, satire, irony, sadness, regret, shock, helplessness, anger and finally determination.

Determination to see the ouster of George W. Bush from office...(too bad I can’t vote). Are there cheap shots at Bush? —Yes. Are there points of view about Bush Administration that is one sided? –Yes. But are there indisputable facts that makes you think about credibility of Bush Administration? – Most definitely yes. If not for any other reason, you can make your decision to vote out Bush purely on the “Incompetence” criteria for the job of President of US.

The movie starts with “Is it all a dream?” poking fun at Ben Affleck standing behind Al Gore declaring victory in the mother-of-all-2000-elections. You are sucked into the movie right from that frame. The movie pretty much moves chronologically from there. It shows the discrepancies in 2000 election where you are shocked to see the convenient coincidences in Florida Election. Then 9/11 event, without showing the collapsing of the twin towers one more time, proving Moore’s sensibilities for the families involved.

He takes you through the Saudi connection, patriot act, and Bush family’s relation with Saudi Business groups namely Carlyle and UNOCAL. You are startled to know where Hamid Karzai (current Afghanistan President) comes from. You feel nauseated to hear a congressman say “We don’t really read most of the Bills that gets passed in the house”. You are astounded to see how the Bush administration used fear psychosis before the Iraq War.

The second part of the movie is about Iraq –the Why’s, How’s and finally the “What the…”’s. I have always felt that the people who have the right to criticize the war are the one’s who have their family in armed services. They are the one’s making the ultimate sacrifice. This movie has Lila Lipscomb as a sort of heroine to drive home the point of “unjustified sacrifice”. The camera follows two Marine recruiters and how they scout for people from the lowest of the classes to make the greatest of the sacrifice for their country. Moore ambush’s the senators and congressmen to sign their kids for Iraq war since they supported it.He rides on a Ice cream truck reading Patriot Act infront of Capitol Hill.Antics like these makes the movie both entertaining and thought provoking.

He does not leave the democrats Scot-free. They supported without asking the tough questions. They did not come forward for the 20000 disenfranchised black voters in Florida. They kept quiet when they should have been fighting for the people who voted them. The movie is interlaced with Moore’s opinions and Facts. As a responsible viewer, it is for you to figure out which portion is what. It is not Moore’s responsibility. The following link would help you in that.

Fifty-Six Deceits (although most of them seems to knitpicking! )

Bottom line, it is a movie to be watched by every responsible citizen of world and make your own judgements. You will be re-invigorated, more informed and feel responsible for the vote you cast as you come out of the theatre.

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