08 December 2005

I say You Say!

I say, “Unborn Killing!”
You say, “Right to Choose!”

I say, “Time for Charity!”
You say, “Money for Charity!”

I say, “Speed before accident happens!”
You say, “Slow down to avoid accidents!”

I say, “Unrealistic Movie!”
You say, “Escapist fantasy!”

I say, “Karl Rove!”
You say, “Michael Moore!”

I say, “India!”
You say, “US!”

I say, “Be Prepared and have kids!”
You say, “Have Kids and be prepared!”

I say, “Horror!”
You say, “Romantic Comedy!”

I say, “Socialistic Communism!”
You say, “You say Capitalistic Prosperity!”

I say, “Existential Conclusions!”
You say, “Divine Interventions!”

I say, “Burn all Bridges!”
You say, “Calculated Risks!”

I say, “Outdoor fun!”
You say, “Indoor quality time!”

I say, “Freedom in Renting!”
You say, “Happiness in Owning!”

I say, “Big Picture!”
You say, “Details!”

I say, “Experimentation!”
You say, “Keep it in your pants!”

I say, “Passion!”
You say, “Loyalty!”

I say, “Genetic dysfunction!”
You say, “Behavioral deficiency!”

I say, “Selective listening!”
You say, “Inconsiderate Moron!”

I say, “It’s not the whole truth!”
You say, “It’s a complete lie!”

I say, “Grey!”
You say, “Black or White!”

I say, “Empathize!”
You say, “Justifications!”

I say, “I love you!”. You say, “I love you!”. In the end, nothing else matters!

Picture Source:http://www.pbase.com/ykeesing/root


feminine expressions said...

words surround us. only sometimes someone's expressions stop us in our tracks. your words are doing so with me now...

MotoRama said...

Thanks Feminine expression!That was very generous of u :)

Parvati said...

@Motorama: I should be liking most the last magical end of the post,

I say, “I love you!”. You say, “I love you!”. In the end, nothing else matters!

but strangely enough I think it spoils the effect of the whole sardonic tone of the write-up, though actually it is in a way quite sweetly logical too...

I say, "I love you"
You say, "I love him"
In the end life is a bitch..

MotoRama said...

It sure is..Parvati!That's why u need all the love u can have!

Sowmya said...