08 December 2005

Take those Shades Off!

Take those Shades Off, so you can feel the changing rays of sunlight in your eyes!

Disconnect that Cell phone, so you can connect to the person standing next to you!

Shut-down that Computer, so you can shut-up your constant need for information!

Turn-Off that Television, so you can turn-on your wife cooking in the kitchen!

Open your heart, so you can close your prejudices!

Stop focusing all the time on self, so you can start doing something for others!

Bury the skepticism, so you can dig out the positives!

Look at the big picture, so you can blind yourself to petty misgivings!

Don’t blame your circumstances, so you can praise your conviction of choices!

Rest your mind, so you can work your body!

Wake your ambitions, so you can dream yourself to fulfilling!

Give your best, so you can take the experience of doing it!

Live in the moment, so you can die without regrets!

Love for what it is, so you can stop the hatred for what it is not!

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