08 December 2005

Universal Unifying Symbol!

Its not the hand shake, its not the salute, its definitely not the folded-hands to chest “Namaste”.

Yes! Its the instinctive, moving of ur head to the guy who almost hit you with his motorbike and swinging your scarcely used left hand to spring up, fold all the fingers and raising just the middle one, with a stinging stare in his direction!

The award for universally unifying symbol goes to “Giving the Finger!”.

The universal symbol, that makes even the obedient, PETA member, who wouldn’t squat a mosquito, to vent his frustration, anger and take a stand against the atrocities of the vehicularly challenged!

From Australia to America, Asia to Antarctica (apparently the penguins have learnt this art to show their dissent against the substation folks!), Papua old Guinea to Bitua New Guinea (both ruled by Lalloo’s cousins), it’s the symbol that is most widely used to convey exactly what’s on a person’s mind and understood in an instant without a long lecture on how to change lanes!

Its use extends beyond the Interstate highways and the side lanes with two wheelers!
Women use it to ward off losers who think they are gifted with Lord Krishna’s flute music in their whistling sound and the Gopika in front would be doing a “la Elizabeth Berkley” after hearing it. But they don’t know what’s really coming when the Gopika turns back!

Polticians use it all the time! When they raise their index finger and middle finger to show the victory sign, all they are saying is “I didn’t mean to raise the index finger”.

Employees all over the world express their deep gratitude to their bosses once they reach home with this symbol and at the manager’s office the day they get fired!
Environmentalists use it on Oil companies and Oil Companies return the favour by drilling more!

Relatives use it when you ask for help and you use it to them when their turn comes!
Your girlfriend uses it when she finds out your online affair and you use it when you find out about her date with Ex!

Your company uses it when they lose their quarterly earnings and you use it when you miss your bonus because of it!

The guy in customer service uses it because his job is getting outsourced to your country and you use it because he put you on hold for 20mins and then disconnected!
Perhaps the only place you don’t feel like using it is when your kid screams at 3.30am after you have worked non-stop for 18 hours and all you can say is ”Its because of that symbol you’re here Beta!”

P.S: I can already see lot of fingers raising for this blog, but hey isn’t that the whole point ? Chill!

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