08 December 2005

Life in the Equilibrium!

Perhaps we live our entire lives trying to maintain our equilibriums. Equilibrium in our relationships, where you have forgiven the past sins and not pre-occupied with the fear of current one being committed. Equilibrium at our workplace where you hope your past performance will serve you well and your current projects will keep you from getting fired. Equilibrium in our financial security, where you have come to terms with your past poverty and hope the current reserves will carry you good for couple more years. It seems we keep yearning for that peace of mind; settled feeling; like the calmness and beauty of vastness of ice in Alaska you saw last week in Discovery channel! Until that happens, a part of your brain remains in siege of the problem. Your Life is on hold. You are incapable of enjoying and experiencing even the good things that happen in the interim because there is a bigger problem still lurking at the background.

You hate that queasiness at the bottom of your stomach when the deadline to pay your bills near. You hate that hospital smell that seems to have consumed the rest of your life. You hate the fact that so many people have it easy in their life because they got their little Daddy’s dough. It’s a perennial depression swallowing each part of you, slowly but surely. You are exhausted from hoping when it would be over.

If we caused the imbalance in the equilibrium, we accept its consequences as our own making. Sometimes it’s necessity that forces us to disturb it. Sometimes it’s the fault of our loved ones. But the worst kinds are the ones where you or your loved ones had no part in it but you’re the one to suffer from it! Poor parents! No parents! Single parent! Born with a handicap! Waiting for Green Card in the terrestrial black hole called INS! A freak accident where you are not at fault! Being fired by your firm because they didn’t make their numbers or some blind auditor saying he didn’t know how 9 extra zeros got after the number 3 to SCC!

When Life hits you with one of those, you see your life’s priorities shifting places like numbers in a slot machine and you realize all that matters is to have someone say ‘I love you’ everyday; to have friends who accept you for what you are and as you are; to have at least two people who believe in your dreams no matter how far-fetched and crazy it is.

Maybe those are the things we should be really worked up about. Those are the things that we should work for in our life. Meaningful, fulfilling, satisfying relationships. When you have that, no matter how many times you lose your equilibrium, you can still be happy! Because Life don’t mean much without people who genuinely care for your well being!

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