08 December 2005


So it is one of those days where you get up after cleaning the mess by your little baby and hope there is enough diapers left in the closet for the rest of day and all you can fantasize is that some day, your lazy husband would hold the kid for few minutes instead of being glued to the television all the time and still expect you to cook three times a day since you are the one without the job now, as it was your fault to get pregnant and sacrifice your career for the sake of those innocent eyes staring at you, refusing to leave you out of sight even for a moment, and just when u sit on that couch feeling elated that those tiny eyes are falling to sleep, the wide open closet stares at you with that last piece of diaper and now you have to catch a bus to go to the nearest medical store as you change your dress quickly before your girl's overactive bladder reacts and you run to catch the growling bus which is in a hurry of its own as you try to hold on to the steel rails in the steps, balancing your sleepy kid in the hip and at that exact moment, shaken by the sudden impact, your kid begins to imitate Pavarotti, screaming at her loudest voice, as u try to calm her, the bus conductor mercilessly rushes you to move to the front and you try to nudge the imbecile morons who wouldn’t move ,for lack of space or lack of courtesy and ,suddenly, out of nowhere, you feel a set of hands pulling you down to the seat next to her, taking your crying baby from you, as your little girl suddenly calms down from the new smell of different woman as you heave a sigh, smiling nervously at the generous lady and thanking her with your eyes for giving you, your first moment to yourself that day and you begin to pray, the last diaper holds on for the rest of bus journey!

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