08 December 2005

Life is a Joy!(Yeah Right!)

I just heard my friend got his Labor Certification for Green Card. I am really happy for him…(didn’t u see my fake plastic smile while saying “Oh really ? Congratulations” while screaming “Damn” inside my head..).He was elated..that..he got it in six months..(just what I needed to hear..before I break my keyboard..)..while mine is stuck in a black hole called Texas INS for the past two years.

Whoever said ‘Life is a bitch’ must have been the first candidate who got rejected at 485 stage. Now I know how philosophers are made. You see..now I have to come up with some philosophy to move on…to be nice to him..to be nice to others…so I started wondering things..like…”Life is not measured by Labor,GC…its about travelling more..enjoying family..spending time in Hawaii..”..(oh..shut the justifications...u got f****d…just deal with it…than rationalizing). But I guess we can’t move on until we do create a personal philosophy that is filled with great inspirational stories…(basically stories of people who got f****d more than you).So I started looking for some…

Imagine the guy who goes to doctor and the doctor tells him..”I am very sorry..wish u had come last month..you just moved to advanced stage of cancer” or the guy who has a disease with a name that u can’t spell nor say it..and they tell him…”this disease can be treated only when ur less than 10yrs old…”... I don’t think I am in that deep a hole…but I guess we do live in a world where things get better as time passes by..

Imagine my Grandma, who had to wash clothes , clean the vessels all her life and finally ending up with hip transplant..and today I take more time trying to put the clothes from washer to Dryer..or my 1600$ camcorder I bought a year ago costing just 600 bucks today…or how I missed the internet age by just a few years and the “possibilities” that come along with it… but..it got me thinking “Does technological advances mean a better quality of life ? it’s just another flavor to life that wasn’t available before..( who am I kiddin ?..)..
Anyway..i think I can't regret too much about things that are not in my control..and I got enuf stories..and analogies and rationalizations..to move on to my friend’s party happily…knowing that there are other’s who got screwed more than me!

Written on:Tuesday, 29 June 2004

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