08 December 2005

The "Other" Woman!

Who knew that an open computer screen could shatter your family into pieces in an instant? She stumbled on my emails to “her” as she wanted to know how many teaspoons were required for that special recipe she was making to surprise me. When I came back and found her sitting in my chair, I knew, Mr.Hyde has been found.

Love is a strange phenomenon with unseen, unknown number of dimensions. It’s not necessary that one person fulfill all those dimensions. I didn’t expect the woman of my home to understand my need of the "Other Woman". Maybe I should have been a better Man and told her the truth up front. But strange as it may sound, it was my love for her that stopped me from telling her the truth. Maybe it was because I was conflicted in my own head as to where my relationship with "her" might take me ultimately. Every day I was confronted by thousand questions. Do I have the courage to abandon my family for her? Can I live with that guilt and still be happy? Or is sacrifice a greater virtue? Duty or Love?

As she sat in that chair with tears rolling down her cheeks, I knew her heart was broken. I had cheated on her and I didn’t have any excuse except that my heart was with the ‘Other Woman’. All that this beautiful woman crying in front of me had was my respect and admiration for her sacrifice. She had trusted me and I had used that trust to betray her hopes. There was no melodrama. Just grief. Funeral homes had more charm than my home during those first few weeks she found out. She was sure I was going to leave her and the little one for ‘Her’. She conjured up scenarios where ‘She’ seduced my innocent heart by sashaying her little skirt in front of me. She obviously had to be a paid escort or a slut sleeping with everyone in her street, according to her.

A person’s true intentions are revealed only when you threaten to take away the most important things in their life. And I was already seeing its effect at home. During Breakfast. During Lunch. In front of the little one. Ranting. Screaming. It was hurt bleeding in words. People won’t tell you where they bought that special lamp hanging in their wall but the moment you have an extra-relationship, the whole circle of unwanted-uninvited-unbearable relatives know about it. Even though she didn’t mean them, I knew I had to make a decision. My assurances weren’t going to make her believe that I wont leave the family but I had to do what my heart wanted.

I finally decided to bring the ‘Other woman’, my girlfriend to the lady of my home, my mom!

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