08 December 2005

When do you get really PISSED ?!!!

Is it when you are in a real hurry and your bathroom door gets stuck?

Is it when everyone in the room stares at you for something you didn’t do?

Is it when you are asked to strip six times in the airport because your goatee fits their ‘Profile’?

Is it when you call the satellite installer after 5hrs of waiting and they ask, ‘What Installation?’

Is it when your colleague takes credit for the work that you did by sacrificing your weekend?

Is it when someone wins a Sports car in ‘Price is Right’ for guessing the price of toothpaste?

Is it when you know you are absolutely right and everyone else disagrees with you?

Is it when your friend gets his Green Card in a year while yours is stuck for years in a black hole called INS?

Is it when someone from your country says something outrageous and everyone assumes you belong to the same pack?

Is it when a restaurant run by ‘Brown people’ treats you badly because you are brown?

Is it when you realize that there is no toilet paper too late into the game?

Is it when you find out that people who came after you were being seated in the restaurant because the Maitre’D couldn’t spell your name?

Is it when you discover after browsing the DVD’s for an hour in Blockbuster that you forgot your rental card?

Is it when you buy the camcorder from Best Buy and two months later, they slash its price by half?

Is it when you marry according to your parent’s wishes and the husband turns out to be mamma’s boy?

Is it when someone cuts you off in the left most lane and drives at 20 below speed limit?

Is it when someone says ‘Whatever’ when you ask his or her opinion?

Is it when newscasters dump stories of tragedies for Paris Hilton’s pooch?

Is it when someone ‘Not good enough’ says you are ‘Not good enough ‘?

Is it when someone talks in a language you don’t understand in front of you?

Is it when you arrive at a party on time and find you are the first one to arrive?

Is it when your Mom praises the ‘Other Sibling’ no matter what you do?

No matter what the reason is, when you are really pissed, take a deep breath and swear your lungs out!

Once your anger has been spilled, you can move on with the knowledge that ‘Life is Not Fair’.

Unless ofcourse your bathroom door is still stuck and you are waiting for toilet paper to grow!

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