06 December 2005

Artificial Sperm-the end of "Man" Kind!

2004 A.D. – Artificial sperm tested on animals to produce transgenic creature.
Artifical Sperm Story in Guardian

2020 A.D --World’s first transgenic human baby is born.

2035 A.D -- “Right to Birth” bill is passed in senate that allows women to use artificial sperm to have children.

2047 A.D. – “United Nations World Marriage report” suggests unless Men in developing countries change their attitude towards women, women would continue to use artificial sperm to have kids and avoid marriage.

2055 A.D. – World Health Organization suggests women prefer having girl child to male child due to their importance in evolution process and the importance given to women in society. In a shocking revelation, the birthrate of Male child has reduced by 40% over the past 20years since the advent of “Right to Birth” bill.

2077 A.D.--- With the social demographics changing, “male prostitution” has reached epic proportions and women heads of governments have legalized them due to the diminished social importance of men.

2089 A.D. – Men in India staged a huge demonstration asking for equal opportunity with women. Their demands included reservations in colleges,government jobs, protection in public places from harassing women,improve the living condition of men so they can protect themselves from domestic violence,rape and "dowry" deaths.

2120 A.D. – In an effort to counter the "Female reproductive Power" , Men have started researching on “Artificial Eggs”…but the women governmental heads(144 nations in world) have refused permission for such research…

Hey…you never know...they are a better "useful" species in the process of evolution than us,Men. If our "swimmers" become useless, the only hope is on their gullibility for love,honesty,commitment...etc. We better start demonstrating them in ample, lest suffer from extinction...

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