06 December 2005

Do You have Real Courage ?!!

It’s not always the blood-donating kind in the battlefield! Certainly not fighting in the street with the guy who brushes his arm intentionally with your girlfriend!

Real courage is doing the right thing no matter how inconvenient your action would make your life!

Real courage is standing up for your girl against your parents!

Real courage is not lying in your resume even if you desperately need the job!

Real courage is reporting your company for fraud when you find them cheating!

Real courage is speaking your mind when everyone else disagrees!

Real courage is refusing to pay bribe when you are in a hurry to get the job done!

Real courage is refusing to rent/buy pirated VCD/DVD/Cassette!

Real courage is to be honest with your friends even if it would hurt them!

Real courage is to say, “I don’t smoke/drink” to your friends!

Real courage is to say, “I don’t know”!

Real courage is to get up every time you fall in life!

Real courage is not taking the easy route!

What? Are you asking me whether I follow them? R u Crazy ?

Just was in a self-righteous utopian world for a moment and by the time I reached the end, my boss entered the cube and I had to pretend as if I was working!

Real Courage is continuing working on your Blog even when your Boss interrupts ;)

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