08 December 2005

Are you really UNIQUE ?!!!

I think I am. I know, you think you are. But are we really?

We would like to believe our pains are unique. Our joys are unparalleled. Our marriage is unmatched. Our kids are extraordinary. Our choices profound. But the fact is that millions have lived through them before us. Millions will go through them again, after us. So, Is there anything really unique in this life of ours?

You are Born. And if you are in India, 45 others along with you at that exact instant. You top your class. So does hundreds who are in different schools. You think Math is for people who love abstract paintings. So does everyone who can’t multiply. You dream of becoming a revolutionary leader who would transform India in to an economic super power and wipe child labor, poverty and corruption. So does thousands who are currently making money for multi-nationals. You complain your dad is an alcoholic who can’t understand your smart mother. So does thousands who live in middle class poverty. You fall in love and think your love is like no other love. And yet there are millions who would claim in the same breath, their love is supreme. You think yours is the most peculiar marriage story. So does millions who swear on the drama of missing rings, relative’s tantrums and Husband’s cold feet. You are certain your baby experience is the most breathtaking ever. So does the billion in China.
Your Car.
Your Home.
Your Family.
Your Language.
Your City.
Your Country.
Your Goodness.
Your Devilry.
Even when you think your suffering is the most unique and you are the chosen one by God to be the most tormented soul on planet, there is a little kid in Sumatra who is laughing at you right about now. Every little possession that you claim, pride and thump your chest with, there are millions others who already have them or had them or in the process of getting them at this very moment.

Perhaps the folly is in trying to be unique instead of accepting the fact that you are no different than anyone else. Whatever you do, has already been done. Whatever you write has already been written. You are not inventing. You are not creating. All you do is discovering for yourself what others before you have already discovered, experienced and understood. For all one knows, the uniqueness is not with respect to others but with respect to your very own self. You became unique by doing something that you didn’t do yesterday. You wrote something today that you didn’t yesterday. You learnt something today that you didn’t know before. Maybe that’s the goal of our life. The quest to find a new ‘You’, by pushing our limits of uniqueness within us until we breathe our last.

So cheers to a constantly evolving UNIQUE YOU!

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