08 December 2005

Do you have the courage to be CRAZY ?!!!

Do you have the courage to run naked in the street to make a point about nudity? Do you have the courage to resign your job, start over from scratch, in a new dream career? Do you have the courage to walk to your workplace because you believe Gasoline pollutes environment? Do you have the courage to say, “Michael Moore is great” in Republican Convention?

Do you have the courage to be Crazy?

Extreme achievements come from extreme amounts of belief. All great achievements have come from people who deviated enormously from the norms. They were able to do great things because they believed in something that was outrageous even to think. There is a fine line that divides eccentrics and Achievers. If their beliefs don’t work they are called eccentrics, even stupid and if it did, they are called Geniuses. Napoleon was stupid to wage a war during winter in Russia. On the other hand, if he had succeeded, he would be called the greatest strategist in the world.

When I see someone with pink fried Hair standing straight with a bikini clad women tattoo in their right arm, my first gut reaction is “How can You? Don’t you have a mirror? “. On second thoughts, I know he has the courage to do what I could never even imagine. I am bound by social norms and controlled by societal acceptance. I am afraid of being called crazy which restricts me from experiencing something new while the pink fried hair KISS fan is not. He is FREE, not controlled by someone’s approval and believes strongly in his self-expression (or Self-Attention).

When we have so many unwritten rules of life fed constantly from childhood, it can only take a person who doesn’t follow rules to achieve greatness. You can be always become successful following the rules but you can never be Great. If you have to be Great, you have to think outside the box. To think outside the box, you have to be CRAZY. You have to believe in the impossible, outrageous, incredible, because when it’s successful, you will be a crazy-SOB-rich-ass! Just ask the guy who thought Wookies, Drones, Jedi’s and Dark force were ruling the space!

Imagine someone suggesting in NASA, “Let’s have two stuntmen in parachutes and ask them to catch a satellite when it falls into Earth’s atmosphere”. Huh? Well, they tried it with project Genesis. Imagine someone saying, “Wanna become Invisible? Try my Cloak ".Yeah Right! Imagine someone saying “Why don’t we sell Water ?”. Sell Water? The most natural ingredient that covers 70% of Earth ? How about the guy who said "Let’s have a tool to pick food from the plate called Spoons! ". Just some of the "Crazy" ideas that aren't that crazy anymore.

We have to go beyond our personal limitations, public criticism, social norms, family cynicism and enormous belief in ourselves to be Great! Being Crazy is having the courage to attempt something that no one has ever done. Being Crazy is pummeling through criticism and working harder. Being Crazy is in having a vision of your goal. Above all, whether you are successful or not, being crazy is BEING FREE. The Freedom to be you. The Freedom to do what YOU want to do! So Be Crazy! Be Great!

Are you asking whether I am going to run naked to my work place because its casual wear on Friday? Are you Crazy?

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