08 December 2005

Let's have more Tragedies!

Why on earth would I utter such a thing? Well…since the only way to move our politician's ass...seems to be some tragedy, where they can conveniently place a flower garland at site, donate some money from Prime Minister's relief fund and move back to their couches until the next tragedy occurs, there doesn't seem to be much of a choice!

Amma finally realizes that "thatched roof" can actually catch fire! Not just that...there are schools with thatched roof that has built-in Restaurant inside them! Isn't that ridiculous? Let's ban all schools with thatched roof within two weeks!! Good Job! The government has finally taken action!

Don't act naïve and ask "Wasn't there an accident a year ago in Srirangam where 60 people died in a marriage hall due to fire accident ?" Why wasn't there a ruling to make sure all buildings had enough exits and followed the fire code(if there is indeed one) on every building(including schools)? Now I am talking Greek and Latin! How can the government be responsible ? When the accident happened last year, they made sure all Marriage Halls took fire safety measures. This year it is Schools. They are two entirely different things. Ah...I see!

What about the entire "slum" areas that are covered in thatched roof? What about the people who live in the fragrance of "Koovam ", the great River that spreads its joy all around Chennai ? Well, we have not had a fire accident there...yet! We'll worry about them when we have to cross that bridge (Napier).

Sun TV, because of the mere fact they own a camera, broadcasts live Pictures of the Kumbakonam accident! Let's award them "Most Sensitive, authentic, accurate News broadcaster" award for showing all the charred dead bodies of kids piled on one another! What about the warning for "gruesome,nauseating footage ahead"? Hmm…we will think about that after you have vomited for a week, had nightmares for a month and if you are still in shock…who cares ? Now you won't forget Sun TV! Would ya?Even the CNN's, MSNBC's and even Fox is a wuss compared to the dare devil news coverage by Sun TV! Bravo!

Let's keep it coming!

Maybe at this time, I should look back on the various tragedies in India and the measures taken after them, if any!

Floods in the North East, Andhra Pradesh -- Annual Affair - people die invariably and since 40 to 100 people die every year it can't really be considered a tragedy! A tragedy is something that's sensational, something that would catch the media's attention like ransacking a theatre bcoz "Girlfriend" is too hot or Tendulkar having yet another low score!

Don't be a pinhead to ask questions like "What about India's super Computers that are used for Weather forecasting? Can't they detect Floods? Can't we evacuate the people before they arrive and save lives ?

Isn't it Sriharihota in Andhra Pradesh,where they launch fancy Satellites, each year ?

Hmm...do you really see the weather forecast and plan your day ? Wake up Dude!
Bus Accidents due to overload -- Well, what do you suggest ? It's not Government's mistake that India has a population problem! It's not their job to restrict the number of people getting on board.

Train Accident - Well...not an issue unless you're travelling in one of them! (Keep the faith in LALLOO!)

Mid-Air Plane Collision - Is it even Possible? Hell Yeah! The world's first Mid Air Collision at Chakri Dadri between Saudi Arabian Airlines and Kazakhstan Aircraft in 1996 killing 351 passengers.

Who is to blame?

One of the reasons quoted is antiquated air traffic control equipment. Now they have improved the equipment. We haven't had a single mid air crash since then. Just the regular 737 crashing into homes at Patna killing 60 (July 7,2000)!

But again, who has time to ponder over these silly issues? Question the government on the measures following tragedies and monitor continuously on their effectiveness?

Don't I have some files to send to the Client before 6 PM?

Written on:Tuesday, 20 July 2004

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