06 December 2005

Do I Really Need to Know ?!!!

“Anna Nicole goes from 40B to 42C”

“ Whitney Houston slips in stairs! “

“John Kerry has a Botox!”

Do I really need to know these? These are news that I don’t want to know and don’t really care. Nevertheless they are trivial and harmless. What scares me are the supposedly intelligent, revealing, insightful news!

To drive home the point of how “insecure” America is, Stephen Flynn, author of “America The Vulnerable” says there are more than 400 million people, 122 million cars, 11 million trucks, 2.4 million rail freight cars, 8 million maritime containers and 56,596 vessels that entered the U.S. at more than 3,700 terminals and 301 ports of entry in the year 2002 alone! And Terrorists could use ANY one of them ANYTIME! Great! Now I feel very safe! Did I really need to know that?

Why would anyone want to share such information? I am sure the guys itching to make something happen in US soil, must be going “Yippee!”, looking at the vulnerabilities in the US entry system! If he (Stephen Flynn) is really concerned, let him go share this grave issue with the Senators, Intelligence Committee’s, and Law Makers. Not the general public (and the perpetrators!). This kind of book defeats the very purpose it is written for. Is it Service or Disservice? Maybe it brings to light the security flaws to administration. But given a choice between the people fixing the Loophole and people using the Loophole, whom do u think is going to get to us first?
I am not quite sure how in the name of “Freedom of Press/Media”, they list the things that can go wrong, discuss the various ways someone can kill you, as if the Terrorist’s didn’t have enough ideas on their own! There was a reporter in Iraq who gave the location of a unit’s next attack location. Duh???

How does it help a normal citizen to know which strategy or formation is being used to attack in War? I care how many people got wounded, how many innocents got killed. Do I really need to know how an AK-47 is used?

Tom Ridge: We have increased the threat level to Orange!
Public: And what does that mean?
Tom Ridge: It means there could be a terrorist attack in Malls, Highways, prominent places, Wal-Mart’s, Bridges, u name it.
Public: So am I not supposed to be going to those places?
Tom Ridge: Oh no! We cannot change the American way of life! We just raised the alert level so if something happens, you can’t say, “Why didn’t u tell me?” And I can say, “I told you so” (Moreover there has been too much coverage about John Kerry recently!).
Public: Do I really need to know what threat level the country is in when you have no frigging clue about it?

Did we really need to be shown the pictures of Prisoner abuse? How does that help me in any way? All I am thinking is that the entire moderate Muslims are going to be pissed looking at it! There is a difference between telling a story and showing the story. And a wise journalist would have chosen not to show them because it endangers the innocent American enjoying the Pyramid of Giza, who now, might be given a permanent berth there because of the pictures!

Maybe i should make a list of things that I really don’t want to know.
1) Not know the strategies of nation’s intelligence on TV when I know the enemy is also watching!
2) Not see the video of some guy screaming for his life before his head being chopped!
3) Not know how much danger I am in without telling me how to protect myself!
4) Not know the different ways of being attacked under the topic of “How You can be Protected”

Am sure you can add more to the list!

I guess I got enough problems of my own and I expect the media not to scare the s**t out of me!

If I was Vincent Gambini (watching ‘My Cousin Vinny’ too many times), I would be ranting
”I gotta job where I am stuck bcoz of Green Card, my wife is itching for her EAD to get out of home, I lost out on the low percentage on mortgages, my boss is a pain in my ass; I got no money and now u tell me I gotta little problem called Homeland Security where terrorists can chop my head anytime…Not to mention your BIOLOGICAL CLOCK - my career, your life, our Green Card, and let me see, what else can we pile on? Is there any more shit we can pile on top of this? Is it Possible?”

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