08 December 2005

Why “Smart” people can never be completely happy?!!!

You have a deep urge to know how stuff works. An irresistible intellectual curiosity that ponders questions like the corporate influence in the expansion of British Empire, or socio-economic impact of flattening world, or why Men have nipples when they have no use for them. You understand the nuances in the writings of a poem or prose because you digest the impact of a phrase and react accordingly; Smile; Make a Pouty face; Bite your nails; Curl your hair; caress your goatee(scratch your balls, pick your nose for the intellectually unclean ones). You can appreciate the verbose dialogues in Glengary Glen Ross or Before Sunset or Good Will Hunting! Your definition of perfect day will always have a place for Upamanyu Chatterjee or John Grisham or Alvin Toffler. And above all, you have been in love, lost some love and always in search of a new love. Guess that should put in context who I mean by “Smart” people.

Although it might sound like an oxymoronic topic since smarter people are supposed to figure things out before it’s too late, nevertheless, it is true because of the various creative addictions of these intellectual nomads.They lack the ability to be completely happy because when the moment arrives, it never matches up to their ideal scenario inside their head. They always compromise since they have experienced something better in book world, cinema world and virtual world and if they do enjoy it, it needs to be arrived on their own volition without any disturbance from their vagaries of moods. Alas! How u wish they were just simple, normal human beings!

Their other creative addiction is that their attention span lasts only until they figure things out. That goes for people too. Once they have “conquered” the issue/people at hand, know how it works or atleast know how it “will” work in the longer run, then they go in search of something new that they haven’t figured it out yet. Something that they can spend their rest of day, week, month and years to agonize about and fill their void inside.

That’s why the idea of “Lost love”, “Lost opportunities” and “Lost dreams” is so addictive. Nobody can go wrong with the above three since now they have a constant problem for their minds to be pre-occupied with inorder to escape from their mundane daily drudgery.

With “Lost love”, after the initial feelings of rejection, they slowly start to build an internal tomb, where they retreat and torture themselves with “What-If” scenarios and begin to nurture those possibilities. Over a period of time, the idea of the person is much more alluring than the person itself because you have spent so much time on glorifying and romanticizing the idea of perfect love and given it a face. It’s not that they don’t know that it is just an idea. But if they abandon that idea, then all there is left is that empty feeling and they know they can’t allow that to happen. They are already addicted to this pain of lost love. They enjoy the sadistic pleasure of torturing oneself with a lost cause because it makes them feel alive. It enables them to appreciate the subtleties that they wouldn’t notice otherwise. Without them there won’t be poets, writers or any artist for that matter.Perhaps the folly lies in their assumption that this torture makes them feel they are DEEP. Deep in emotions; deep in experience and above all, deep in exploring the depths of their soul. Maybe it does!

Without these addictions, the smarter people are just simple,plain and uncomplicated alias Boring.They become a part of those “Happy” people who are content with their lives, watch daytime soaps and wonder what happened to Jassi. They become a part of that crowd which laughs at silly jokes, thinks Katrina is an European Dominatrix and believes people below 50 are allowed in Larry King Live.

The biggest irony is that smarter people wish they can be like those contended simple dumb souls. Have that peace of mere mortals who just live without complicating every situation and accept things without questioning. You wish!

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