08 December 2005

Give Me!

Give me sex not just love – Husband to “loving” wife
Give me love not just sex – Wife to “loving” husband
Give me time not money – Old Age home inmate
Give me reason not a lecture – Teenage daughter to parent
Give me courage not reason --Patient waiting for Chemotherapy
Give me reason not rhetoric – Lila Lipscomb,mother of dead soldier, to Bush
Give me food not sympathy - Kids in Ethiopia
Give me Life not fear - People in Dahfur, Sudan
Give me medicine not just support – Aids patient in South Africa
Give me hope not just flowers – Russian Mother in Beslan tragedy
Give me my country not with illegal immigrants – illegal immigrant protester
Give me equality not just talk about equality–African kid in local college
Give me my job not corporate reasons of cost cutting– Outsourcing victim
Give me faith not Jihad – A moderate Muslim in London
Give me credibility not the other guy’s distortion of me – John Kerry
Give me the vote not for my record but because Kerry is useless - Bush
Give me Freedom not occupation – People in Iraq
Give me truth not necessarily the whole truth - Lawyer’s in most countries
Give me patience not knowledge– First grade teacher
Give me knowledge not failures – NASA after failure of Genesis project
Give me melody not just noise – Music fan’s opinion of Rap

Maybe if we can listen to what people really want and give what they actually need, the world might become a better place to live!

The only way to end Give me’s is to have more Give you’s in your life!


UMA said...

Yes, i gave a LOT but didnt Get Much ..!But still i give...cause i dont Lose anything by giving...:)just a thought

MotoRama said...

Unconditional Give's are always enjoyable..conditional Give's just builds too much expectation and robs the joy of giving.Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.