08 December 2005

How OLD are you ?!!!

I turned 15 when I was 7, when my Dad slapped my mom in front of me!
I turned 7 when I was 15, when my Grandmother hugged me after her surgery!

I turned 18 when I was 10, when my mom finally left my abusive Dad!
I turned 10 when I was 18, when I had a pillow fight with my roommate!

I turned 25 when I was 13, when my mom dropped me at my cousin’s place to study!
I turned 13 when I was 25, when I bought my first car!

I turned 30 when I was 21, when I squeezed her palms reassuringly at the altar!
I turned 21 when I am 30, when she squeezed my palms in her deep slumber!

My pains make me older!
My smiles make me younger!

My needs shrink as I get older!
My heart expands as I feel younger!

My age is determined by my emotional shards!
So, what’s the point of Birthday cards?


clash said...

thats cool!
nope.. u r correct! birthday cards are farce! :)-

MotoRama said...

Thanks for dropping by Clash!

feminine expressions said...

oh...oh...oh...your poem is so beautiful i cried in my first reading of it. oh how lovely. oh how true. oh how i love this...

Priyamvada_K said...

I reread this poem (had read it before in your other blog), and am moved by it. Glad to hear from you.


MotoRama said...

Thank u Feminine Expression!I am very touched by your appreciation both here and in ur blog!

Hi Priya,
Good to see u here. The other blog got lost along with comments as i was fiddling with it!Nevertheless i have re-started here.See you at your blog soon!

Parvati said...

@Motorama: I would give you a special "birthday" card for each of your numerous births that seem to be strewn over every second of your life! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday...ad infinitum...

MotoRama said...

Thank you,Parvati!

susubala said...

That's lovely deep thoughts.. and I feel u r correct in uttering it !

Poornima said...

Let’s burn all Hallmark shops! But well, it does feel good touching the crisp, pressed and inky writing on that hard piece of paper! *Decide*!!!!

MotoRama said...

Thanks Susubala!

Oh..i love getting those crisp,prepackaged,design cardboards anyday than the virtual bells and whistles in email.Just that i hate the numbers splattered across it!Thanks for dropping by!

Kishore Murthy said...

Beautifully written... very touching