06 December 2005

Are You a Star Wars Addict ?

You know you are a Star Wars addict

When you call your wife just before she enters the bathroom to say,”May the Force be with you!”

When you throw the tasteless lasagna into trash yelling, “Bantha Fodder”!

When you try to put on your supposed charm by telling your woman,
”Suck you it will the Dark side!”

When you name your new Roomba, “R2D6”!

When you sleep with a mask so when you snore, your wife might think you are Darth Vader!

When you tell your partner,”Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they”, when she is staring at you for having messed up the only job she asked you to do!

When you say “Yousa ask Mesa Dishy Wasa ?” when the lady of your house asks you to do the dishwasher!

When you call your In-law’s house as “Death Star” and your Mother-in-Law as Countess Spook-U!

When you keep repeating at the end of every meeting,” Many Bothans died to bring us this information!”

When you think Ken Jennings is re-incarnation of Master Yoda!

When you firmly believe George Lucas can actually write dialogues!

When you buy four tickets to the first show of Star wars, just in case you lost one set; you would still have the other!

When you hear your wife’s words at Wal-Mart in Alec Guinness’s voice, “Rama....Don’t forget the trash bags or I will use the Force!”

And you know you have finally converted your woman to the saga when she says, “Now…let’s hope for all your Jedi talk, your Light Saber works long-enough ;)”

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