02 December 2005

Man from the land of Bletherskate!

Friday, 25 June 2004

Bletherskate ??? Dude..for god sake...speak English…Now I have to disturb old lady Merriam to find the meaning ? I don’t know why people feel compelled to come up with such heavily loaded words and sentences so the other person can split their hair trying to understand. I guess it can be called “Vocabidism”(vocabulary sadism) and the people who do that can be called “Vocabdist”... basically people who derive pleasure in making the reader suffer in trying to understand the crap they have written formed by joining series of words they picked out from Thesaurus.

“This movie is a head-exploding case of cognitive dissonance with narcissistic blandiloquence making you wonder whether there was any cyanotype that finally dealates…”..uffff…here’s one Vocabdist I would like to avoid for rest of my life. Wonder why these verbose experts equate heavy vocabulary to show of intelligence when it does exactly the opposite to readers.

I don’t have a problem with these Vocabni’s(Vocabulary+our Agni missile).. . It’s perfectly all right to use them if there is no other way of expressing a particular emotion or something in a succinct manner. But when u see these missiles one after another in same paragraph…am sure it would drive me to do the unimaginable..(Watching...Hindi soaps in Zee...ohh no..i just made enemies with 500million desi... aunties..) than read the rest of that article. Hope this breed realizes soon that its what’s written that counts and not how complicated its written.

Ofcourse…there are exceptions where the eloquence of words flows with the thought process and enhances the joy of reading. But we are not talking about them…. Are we?

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