08 December 2005

Conjectures of Love!

I came, She saw and He saw it too!

I came to see if it was just Lust!
She came to see if it was Love!
He came to see wondering what She hoped to see!

She was pushed into this because He didn’t see her!
I was pushed into this because I had seen her!
He was pushed into this because She dared to see someone else!

With each step, she could see-through her own motives!
With each step, I could see why she deserved better!
With each step, He could see where he went wrong with her!

She realized finally that she can be seen by someone!
I realized finally that I can trust her to see the real me!
He realized finally that they are too far apart to see each other anymore!

While I was seething through, hoping for the distance between us to disappear,
While He was searing through with shattered ego and lost opportunities,
She felt her seesawing moral contradictions come to an end as she stood close to me!

I saw,
He saw,
As She turned back,
Seeing herself walk with renewed strength and a new self towards an unsure future!

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