08 December 2005

New World Order!

“Economic immigration will accomplish what Religion could not in thousands of years. UNITE PEOPLE!”

Jonathan Reeves working as foreman in Bangalore. Srinivasa Reddy managing Call Center in Uganda. Ho Chin Minh selling fishing boats in Tasmania.

Perhaps in the next 50 years, the above job profiles may not look so strange. Slowly but surely, the low income population of developed countries whose jobs have been outsourced, will have no choice than to move to different countries to survive. What do you do with the set of population whose jobs have been outsourced? Learn a new skill at 35? 45? 55? If you say, go back to college to a 45 year old man, who has another 15 to 20 years of service left in him; he is going to laugh at you. It’s not an age for college or developing new skills. What are the choices left for a guy in his 40’s, who was a foreman, all his adult life? He can move to different stream. Earn significantly less as a salesman in Wal-Mart store. But will that pay for his son’s education? Daughter’s College Fee? His wife’s Medicare bill?

The only viable choice seems to be to immigrate to another country where there is a better job for him and his family has a better chance of survival in that country’s economy than their own. This discarded by-product of capitalistic economy will become the new immigrant community in developing economy of some other country. All through History, the highly skilled, willed, people from developing and under-developed countries moved to Developed countries for a better standard of living. In 50 years or less, I can see the low-skilled workers earning less than 30K per annum, living in US and Europe, becoming the victims of Capitalism and Globalization, settling in Developing countries.

A New World Order is slowly being created! Every country becoming more multi-cultural than it is now. We are more connected than ever with people from other countries and cultures. The effect of labour strike in China is felt the same day in a store at Wal-Mart in Queens, NY.There are new rules of engagement between countries. Multi-culturalism becomes commonplace because of fusion of population from economic immigration. Prejudices gets altered and even shattered in some cases. White, Black & Brown makes no difference. The only difference between Haves and Have-not’s is Jobs. Only Religion is Economy. Only God is Jobs.

An ever-shrinking world means an ever-integrating economy of countries, a fusion of cultures, a fusion of race, a fusion of minds and hearts. Will we have problems in transition? Absolutely. Will the world go back to protectionism and not bother about other counties and people? Possible but unlikely!

Or Is it all just mumbo-jumbo-world-peace-world-economy-one-race-utopian-prophecy by me? No harm being an optimist before someone nukes the hell out of this world!

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