08 December 2005


Early morning, deep slumber face.
Cursing the alarm, hitting the snooze face.
Hearing wife talking to herself in bathroom,puzzled face.
Coffee aroma from kitchen mixed with some other kind of flavor, smelling face.
Realizing the other kind of smell is the open bathroom in the bedroom,disgusted face.
Walking in sleep to brush and hitting the shoulders in sidewall, screaming face.
Humming a tune that irritates your wife while brushing, mean face.
Switching the TV and sipping hot coffee, bright morning face.
Seeing George Bush smile, pissed off changing channel face.
Only to hear Kerry Flip Flop in the other channel, annoyed face.
Wife urging to move your lazy ass, being interrupted face.
Feeling the forceful shower and dancing in bathroom rain,eyes-closed happy face.
Looking at shower clock,canceling the dance with Preity Zinta in reverie,rushed face.
Trailer changing lanes in front of your tiny Honda, scared face.
Admiring Blonde lady in next lane,missing hitting the car in front,‘Oops!' face.
Reaching office and eyebrow shrinking looking at ‘to do’ list, swamped face.
Hearing blaring radio from the newbie in next cube, wondering ‘what the’ face.
Attending another unnecessary meeting, pretending to listen,’Get me outta here’ face.
Your team member claiming your work as his own, ’what trick did he pull’ face.
Newbie's lunch box smell driving me to nearest restaurant,'Hungry beast' face.
Warding off sleep and calling other friends at work, ’I am so bored' face.
Going back home thinking ’Law&Order,Donald Trump,Scrubs’ excited face.
Wife cuddling in couch expecting romantic speeches while u burp, sorry face.
Getting back in mood and kissing, ‘lover boy’ face.
Only to be disturbed by your uninvited neighbour, ’Damn!’ face.
Wondering when he would go, exasperated face.
Hitting the bed and stretching the arms, tired face.
Looking at the stars through window, smiling to oneself and drifting to dream face!

So many faces, wonder which one is real! Maybe it is buried deep inside! Introspective face!

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Anonymous said...

insanely creative....awesome...