06 December 2005

Dude,What were you thinking ?!!!

A Man survives a snowstorm, stays hungry for 10 days, fights with a polar bear, loses a leg and still goes on to conquer the Alps only to be picked by a helicopter on his way down!


Am I supposed to praise his valor, courage, and chivalry? Or ask,
“Dude...what were u thinking?”

Why do people climb mountains?

Is it bcoz they have such low self-esteem that they have to explore the stinking mouth of death to tell, “I did it” (assuming they survived) to few of their friends? (What a cynic!)

What motivates a person to climb, step after step, all alone, over 3500 feet? (Might be the “Shit! I can’t go back now!” expression when they look down).Is it Pride? Bragging Rights? Some skewed logic where they value adrenaline more than their need to conserve their own blood? Maybe they are passionate about Nature. I don’t know. But I am sure the mountain climbers would argue, “They climb mountains bcoz IT IS THERE! “. Great Answer! And am sure the mountains would still be there when they retrace their way back in less than half the time! (Didn’t u hear the thud sound?)
I agree we need some excitement in our lives. Need some challenges that push our physical and mental limits. I would rather ride a roller coaster, go at 120 miles in a racetrack, take a free fall, go Para-sailing…and even get married! (Well I already Am. who am I kidding?) That’s my idea of having a thrill! Not climb Mount Everest or K2! Why would anyone in sane mind want to do something that can get him or her killed? Am I a wimp for choosing to live a little less on the edge? Guess I like the idea of a living wimp than a dead Mountaineer!

The ones who intrigue me are the kinds who outlive the Super-Hero era (6-12) in their life! I was watching this 16-17yr old kid trying to skateboard on top of side rails and jump into the road, with the background score of his Mom screaming, and an audience of his buddies clapping. To do that he takes 20 hits to his “nether” regions (hopefully no permanent damage “there”), forty “F***ing jeez” falls, free blood donations to the concrete sidewalk and finally, when he achieves the feat, thumping his hands into air, this “Kodak moment” turns into a “Godzilla meets my Dishwasher” moment with the sound effect of his Skateboard crushing under the wheel of an oncoming Corolla! Would he at least listen NOW?!!!

Is the Journey really worth the“END”?

Guess, only that Skateboarder with 15 stitches can answer!

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